Terms and Conditions

General conditions

  • The time of each stage of the service varies according to the conditions of each project.
  • The entire service is offered virtually. The client must appoint a person in charge of the project with the technical knowledge to attend the service.
  • The execution time is a minimum of 12 months counted from the signing of the contract and ends with the delivery of the last report, otherwise it is automatically renewed.
  • Payment can be collected monthly through the platform’s payment gateway with a prior annual contract.
  • Internet connection is required in the place where the equipment is installed. If internet is not available, an additional fee will be charged.
  • The installation and uninstallation of the equipment is at the expense and under the responsibility of the User/Client.
  • The modules must be connected for at least 3 months before making transfers.
  • In case of transfers to another node: The annual subscription per node is automatically renewed.
  • In case of damage to the connection modules, the price per node varies according to the type of sensor.
  • The electronic invoice will be issued by ZION ING S.A.S. Zircular brand owner.

Stages of services

First. Requirements and analysis

  • At this stage, the last 12 utility bills are requested. In addition, it is requested to fill out a form to know the initial status of the company’s equipment.

Second. Node send

  • Connection modules are shipped according to user specifications and installation manual.

Third. Node installation

  • The installation is carried out by the customer in accordance with the provided installation manual. ZION ING is not responsible for the correct installation or the consequences that this entails.

Quarter. Start up

  • The node is configured according to the requirements of the first point (requirements and analysis) and the data is displayed on the platform according to the dashboard configuration agreed with the client.

Fifth. Check

  • The ZION ING team carries out detailed checks of the data obtained to guarantee its correct configuration.

Sixth. User creation

  • Access is configured for up to 5 users who can see the platform data in real time at the same time.

Seventh. Monthly report

  • Each month a report is presented showing the events, the energy saving potential and a technical and economic analysis of the proposed solutions according to a library of recommendations.

Eighth. Tracing

  • The post-sale service is carried out according to previously requested meetings which will have an additional cost.
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