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Industrial measurement to save the world

Do you know the energy saving potential in your company?

Improve your industrial process by making energy measurements (IIoT)

Simplify decision making knowing and measuring energy consumption

Get social approval for your efforts in improve your efficiency

Why Zircular Platform?

Many times, energy efficiency represents the best way to combat climate change compared to investments in projects abroad.

Zircular platform wants to give social approval and promote the energy transition of industries. We want to boost the energy transition for 40% of the energy consumption. Initially, we seek to avoid the loss of USD 3,320 and 3.4 tons of CO2 in each monitoring. In 2025 we will avoid the emitting 1 million of ton CO2 in projects.

We simplify decision-making to move towards an energy transformation in the industry using IIoT and Machine Learning ML.

Calculate your energy saving potential

We support you to meet the following SDGs

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