Power quality

The quality of electrical energy refers to a quality standard that must be met to guarantee the proper functioning of electrical installations.

According to the IEEE, a power quality problem is due to any variation in service that results in a malfunction or failure of the user’s equipment, such as; undervoltage, overvoltage, harmonic distortion and electrical noise.

According to Schneider Electric, in the United States alone, power quality problems can represent losses of more than 110,000 million dollars a year.The electrical energy quality monitoring service consists of measuring the variables of nominal voltage, nominal current, neutral current, frequency, power factor, harmonic distortion THD in voltage and current, harmonic distortion, inductive and capacitive reactive energy.

Main features

Easy-to-install sensors

Custom dashboard configuration

prediction of energy saving potential

Visualization in real time of variables

Report with events of the month

Report with economic technical analysis

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