According to the literature and specialized companies such as Forbes Marshall, in general, a boiler must guarantee the continuous delivery of saturated steam, have an efficiency greater than 82% in normal operation, operate efficiently automatically and be correctly sized.

According to the Energy Saver Trust, boilers older than 10 years are likely to be less than 70% efficient. This means that an inefficient boiler will waste more fuel and require more fuel to achieve the same amount of hot water as modern, efficient models.

The detection and monitoring service consists of the installation of non-invasive sensors connected to the outlet of the boiler and furnaces to measure the amount of steam, the amount of fuel used, temperature and pressure. Based on these parameters, the efficiency is calculated in real time. These sensors send the information using gateways and protocols such as LoRaWan to send the information to servers where the information is analyzed and displayed. Also, the data is transmitted using end-to-end encryption.

Main features

Easy-to-install sensors

Custom dashboard configuration

prediction of energy saving potential

Visualization in real time of variables

Report with events of the month

Report with economic technical analysis

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