Zircular platform

What are the benefits of sub-metering?

  • Control and facilitate the work of monitoring energy consumption
  • Confidence and security to make BETTER investment decisions
  • Eliminate manual data collection and processing
  • Have greater efficiency in the analyzes by receiving the consolidated and processed reports
  • Avoid penalties and reduce stress
  • Save working time
  • Access to library of
    general recommendations
  • Greater certainty of inefficiency problems and how to solve them
  • Know the potential for energy savings and CO2e not emitted from machines and processes
  • Continuous monitoring of the amount of energy waste
  • Complete, quick and easy energy assessment
  • Knowledge between 10 and 30% energy savings

Service components

The service does not include sensors. We offer invasive and NON-INVASIVE sensors depending on the application.

The service does not include a communication module. The module has a cost from U$ 70 depending on the application. Internet connection and 110/220 power connection required.

The annual subscription service is a proprietary development that can be configured to the needs of the client.

Frequently asked questions?

The service is composed of sensors, communication module and subscription. The sensors and the communication module are paid once separately. The payment of the subscription to the platform is monthly.

The type of subscription, the number of nodes and variables that are required to connect.

Node: is a location where the measurement is made, for example, a motor, a boiler, a machine, a process.
Variable: is a measurement parameter, for example, voltage, current, temperature, pressure, amount of steam, power, etc.

The plans of the ZIRCULAR Platform are annual. Changes can be made to the plan subscription, terms and conditions apply.

Still have questions?

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Clients and support organizations

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