SF6 gases

In the manufacturing industry and in the oil and gas sector, the detection and monitoring of leaks are part of the scheduled maintenance programs, this means that only until the maintenance is carried out, the companies will know the real damage and the cost of your problem. This represents a problem of hundreds of millions of dollars a year according to the US Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The detection and monitoring service consists of the installation of non-invasive sensors typically connected to valves, drains, pumps, connections, pressure relief devices, open valves and pipe lines. These sensors send the information using gateways and protocols such as LoRaWan to send the information to servers where the information is analyzed and displayed. Also, the data is transmitted using end-to-end encryption.

Main features

Easy-to-install sensors

Custom dashboard configuration

Prediction of energy saving potential

Visualization in real time of variables

Report with events of the month

Report with economic technical analysis

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