Engineering for New Generations

Do you know the energy saving potential in your company?

In 2030 we will be a benchmark in the development and implementation of clean technologies. We will avoid the generation of 1 million tons of CO2e per year

ZIRCULAR is the name of our energy efficiency and saving services for companies with high fuel consumption and that have the vision of making implementations towards the transformation of renewable energies.

Energy audit with savings

Where to start investing to make energy savings in the company and what is the return on the investment to be made? 

What stages or areas of the company have the highest consumption and why?

What measurement systems should I install to monitor energy consumption?

Improve your process knowing your consumption

The measurements look for:

Know exactly where in the production process the highest energy consumption occurs.

What are the consumption patterns that help me predict consumption with respect to production? 

Simple implementations to start saving

Installation of meters in critical areas or processes to obtain energy savings and synchronize them with data analysis software

Keep saving by applying continuous improvements

Monitoring helps establish a culture and implement continuous savings improvements strategically both in operational processes and in machines and equipment.

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