Why choose us?

We support the transition to renewable energy and
avoid the generation of 1 million tons of CO2e per year

of Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things -IIoT and Machine Learning – ML) for the prediction of savings, continuous monitoring, cost reduction, improvement of energy efficiency and calculation of CO2 stopped to emit in industries with high energy consumption .

IIoT for consumption measurement, early detection and prediction

The platform enables faster energy efficiency improvement analysis based on real-time data

Helps make investment decisions for energy efficiency improvements

It measures the CO2e stopped to emit per process and implementation for each energy efficiency improvement.

General energy audit

We do smart energy audits

Measurement of the monthly consumption baseline

Review of electrical power quality

Measurement of CO2 stopped from emitting

Complete energy audit

We do smart energy audits

Baseline consumption at each stage of the process

Production process diagram

Review of electrical power quality

Analysis of the type of feeding, leaks and auxiliary equipment

Analysis of tax benefits for CO2 stopped from emitting

Investment project

For industries with high consumption, investment projects are evaluated for Energy Efficiency Improvements and change to renewable energies

Energy efficiency financial plan

Risk analysis

Analysis and evaluation of funding sources


Annual monthly subscription plans


Control panel

Real-time monitoring of all data obtained from sensors

Prediction of energy saving potential

Unlimited data sending

Unlimited users

Variable package

Report with variable measurement

Report on CO2e emitted and stopped to emit into the atmosphere

Energy saving potential report

Scheduled support

More popular

Intermediate level

Includes all general level values

Analysis of consumption, monitoring, control and estimation of costs

Energy behavior analysis

Trend analysis

Custom rate settings

Energy saving recommendations

Nivel Avanzado

Includes all values of the intermediate level

Prioritized support

Distribution and energy balance

EPI (energy performance indicator)

Comparative analysis, billing and energy quality

Electric power demand and thermal power demand at the useful energy level.

Technical and economic analysis and feasibility study

Identification of energy efficiency improvements and action plan

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